Training Videos

Training Videos

Training videos provide a great way for students to learn at their own pace.  Streamline classroom time by utilizing training videos on content that rarely changes and can more creatively be shown through multimedia.

The final output can be in various formats depending on what you need.  We will finalize the projects by meeting your requierments for a final package.  You will find acceptable formats listed below:

MP4, Webm or other online formats

We will meet with your team of designated subject matter experts or product managers to begin, “The Process”. The phases are listed to the right and will outline, at a glance, the entire project process.

The Process

Discovery allows the team to collaborate and really get creative. There will be a couple of sessions scheduled with project members to document thoughts and direction with the main goal being a priority.
After Discovery comes the Planning phase. Planning is critical to the overal success of the entire project so we will ensure that we document all the requirements, timelines and development milestones. After compiling the notes and information from the Discovery phase; we will create a detailed plan of action and deliver that for your review/approval.
Outstanding! Discovery completed and Planning approved. It's time to go to work. The plan will be executed with maximum communication. All involved parties will be in the loop on this phase. If we are working on a video shoot; subject matter experts must be on site to ensure corporate compliance with regards to uniforms, policies and procedures, etc. It is costly to take time out of a daily routine to get the shots necessary; therefore, a shot list will be utilized and signed off to ensure we have more than enough content for the development. Video shot, photos collected, storyboard completely marked up with times and comments. We are ready to go to Development.
A developer, his resources and his equipment. After ensuring that we have everything, we begin organizing our content (video/photos) in an orderly manner that is consistent with the storyboard. Development time will vary based on the complexity of the project; however, we will discuss your particular timeline and stick to the plan.
As agreed - Your deliverable will come on the day discussed for your alpha review. Your deliverable medium has already been approved and you will be getting your end product. Our goal is on-time and under budget. Everyone seems to be happier under those circumstances and we like happy! Alpha review is conducted by the client.